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March Outing


        24th March

       Dunfanaghy GC


Upcoming Outings

Mar 24th  Dunfanaghy GC

April 21st. Letterkenny GC

May 19th. Strabane

June 3rd Bank Holiday Monday Moyola

July 21st City Of Derry

Aug 18th Newtownstewart

Sept 15th Captains Outing Letterkenny GC

Oct 13th  Falcarragh

Nov 17th  Joe Dorrian Memorial  TBC

Dec 8th. Dunfanaghy GC Christmas Outing  

Results from Captain Tony Duffy Drive



1st  Mark Maguire 39pts

2nd. Mark Ponsonby 31pts

3rd Paddy Mc Gowan 31pts

Cat 1 Chris Nee

Cat 2 Gabriel Mc Nulty

Cat 3 Sean Gilroy

Front. Michael Mc Elhinney

Back. Paddy Mc Cafferty

Two’s  Philip Cassidy

            Paddy Mc Gowan








Golfer of the Year 2024

Congratulations to Kieran Sweeney on winning
Golfer Of Year 2023 by 10 Points  from Danny Mc Ginley.

After February NamePoints
1st Mark Maguire 15
2nd Mark Ponsonby 12
3rd  Paddy Mc Gowan   10
4th  Chris Nee 8
5th  Sean Gilroy 6
6th  Michael Mc Elhinney   5
7th  Gabriel Mc Nulty 4
8th  Kieran Sweeney 3
9th  Jimmy Gleeson 2
10th Eamon Mc Glynn 1

          2024 Committee

Captain. Tony Duffy

Vice Captain. Martin Murray

President. MP Biden O Donnell

Treasure. Chris Nee

Ass Treasure. Pat Herron

Secretary. Eamon Mc Glynn

PRO. Peter Cutliffe

   Handicaps Committee

  Martin Gibbons
  Denis O Donnell

  Danny Mc Ginley

  Jimmy Mc Fadden

Have a look at the New Golf Rules below

Changes to the golfing rules are to help speed up play

Ready golf means thinking ahead and being ready to play

On the tee
No honours - hit when ready and when safe to do so
Shorter hitters hit first if longer hitters have to wait
Watch each others shot to avoid looking for balls
Carry an extra ball in case you need a provisional

On the fairway
No honours-hit when ready and when safe to do so
Go directly to your ball and get ready to play - don't wait until others have played
Play, then search. All players should hit and then help search.

On the green
Park your clubs between the green and next tee
Study your putt and repair pitchmarks while waiting for others to putt
Be ready to putt before it is your turn
First person to hole out replaces the flag
Mark Scores on the way to or on the next tee.

General Rules
Keep up with the group in front
If the group in front is on the fairway, you should be on the tee
Be ready to hit when the group in front moves to the next shot
Keep your pre-shot routine short, aim to play in 20 seconds
Limit practice swings and putts
If you are falling behind the group in front, let the group behind through.

New Golf Rules 2019

Search time ONLY 3 minutes

Ball moves during search, replace, no penalty

Embedded ball, free relief anywhere on course

Measuring drop, use longest club only

Drop from knee height only, if you drop from other height in error, drop again without penalty

Standing on wrong green not allowed

Ball accidentally hits other player or equipment, no penalty

Double hit with club or putter, no penalty

Touching sand in bunker incidentally, no penalty

Water hazards now called penalty areas

Touching ground in penalty areas, no penalty

Ball moves on the green after being marked, replace, no penalty

Ball accidentally moved on the green, replace, no penalty

All damage to green can now be repaired even if in putting line

Positioning your club on the ground for alignment is not permitted

Loose impediments can be removed anywhere on the course including penalty areas-(hazards)

Dropping a ball out of a bunker, 2 shot penalty

Putting allowed when flag is in the hole, out of the hole or attended

Ball wedged between flag stick and side of hole is deemed as holed.

Lets play Golf Now

Condolences to the Family and Friends of our past Captain,Ciaran O,Hanlon,May he rest in peace.

Winner of the Joe Dorrian Cup 2017,Sean McGlinchey

Table quiz in the Glencar Inn on Friday 24th March has been postponed until a later date.

Winner of the Captains Prize 2016,Ed Margey.

Winner of the Tadgh Culbert Memorial Cup,Liam Sweeney with Hilda Culbert,Kenny Cambers and Ed Margey.

Winner of Ballyliffen Outing

Captain 2016,Kenny Chambers.

Prize Winner from Captains Drive in.

Players at Captains Drive in.

Out Going Captain Sean,Welcomes New Captain Kenny

President Padgain Kavanagh,Vice Captain Jimmy Gleeson,Treasurer Pat Herron,Captain 2016 Kenny Chambers,Secretary Eamon McGlynn

Out Going President Dennis,Welcomes New President Padgain.

Winners of the Christmas Scramble,Ed Margey,Kenny Chambers,Danny McGinley and Davy Moore.

Kenny Chambers, Winner in Ballyliffin.

Winner of the Captains Prize 2015,Eddie Margey

Runner Up on Captains Day,Kieran Sweeney

Joe Terry, Winner Joe Dorrian Cup

Liam Sweeney, 2nd in Joe Dorrian Cup

Winner in Ballyliffin,Kieran Sweeney with Sponsor Michael Murphy.

Prize Winners in Ballyliffin,

M.Whyte,M.Kelly,L.Sweeney,K.Sweeney in St Andrews Sept.2015.

Outings for 2016


Winner in Dunfanaghy,Tony Duffy.

Captain 2015 Sean Gilroy.

Outgoing Captain Kieran, Welcome New Captain Sean.

Winners of the Christmas Scramble in Dunfanaghy
Eamon McGlynn,Michael Gibbons and Kieran Sweeney

Winners of Scramble in Portsalon
Fred Houston,Martin Houston,Sean Gilroy.

Sean Gilroy, Winner of the Captains Prize 2014

Kieran Sweeney Winner of the Presidents Prize 2014

The Viscount of Vilamoura,Brian Carney,Winner of the 3 Day Portugal Masters Tournament.

Winner in Murvagh,Martin Gibbons.

2nd in Murvagh, Ed Margey


Winners of Scramble in Rosapenna,Rory Kenny,Ed Cassidy.

Second ,M.P.O'Donnell,Micheal O'Reilly

Third,Eamon McGlynn,Ed Margey and Davy Moore.

Liam Sweeney Winner,North West,February.

Padgain Kavanagh Winner, Dunfanaghy,January

M.P.O'Donnell 2nd Dunfanaghy

Captain 2014,Kieran Sweeneys Drive In.

Outgoing Captain Brian Welcomes new captain Kieran

Are you one of these Golfers?

Link to Photos www.picasaweb.google.com/mkells6

Turtles on Tour Westport April 2013.

Captains Drive in Dunfanaghy 20-1-2013

The Following Committee was elected at the A.G.M. on 11-1-2016

President,Mr.Padgain Kavanagh

Captain,Mr.Kenny Chambers

Vice Captain,Mr.Jimmy Gleeson

Treasurer,Pat Herron

Secretary,Eamonn McGlynn

P.R.O. Tony Duffy

Handicap Committee,Liam Sweeney,Mervyn Whyte,Rory Gallagher,Martin Kelly



Link to Photoswww.picasaweb.google.com/mkells6

Night at the Races.

At the very succesful night at the races held on the 4th of november,over �2,000 was raised for the Donegal Hospice,A big thank you to all involved,

Glencar inn retain the society challenge.

The Glencar inn beat off the challenge of the Drum Bar and the Gardi on sunday to retain the shield,Congrats to the Captain and all who played.

New  committee elected at AGM. Page 6.

Captains Prize Winner Gerry Duffy.Page 9.

Glencar Inn G.S. wins tri society challenge.page 9.

Ed Margey Lifts The Presidents Prize.page 9.

Congratulations to our two All Ireland winners,Kieran Sweeney and Ed Margey,who represented Letterkenny G.C. in the Pierce Purcell finals in Tullamore.Well done lads.

Joe Dorrian Cup 2008 Photos(follow link)

Presidents Prize 2010 Portnoo Photos(follow link)

Portugal 2009 Photoswww.picasaweb.google.com/mkells6

Captains Day 2009/10/11 Photoswww.picasaweb.google.com/mkells6

Golfer of the year
2009 Shane Blake
2010 Kieran Sweeney
2011 Kieran Sweeney

New committee elected at AGM.See page 6.

Cuts to Handicaps of prize winners

CAT 1, 1st 0.5, 2nd 0.3, 3rd 0.1, 4th 0.1 (0-13)

CAT 2, 1st 1.5, 2nd 1.0, 3rd 0.5, 4th 0.5 (14-18)

CAT 3, 1st 2.0, 2nd 1.5, 3rd 1.0, 4th 1.0 (19-24)

CAT 4, 1st 2.5, 2nd 2.0, 3rd 1.5, 4th 1.5 (25-36)

Category Prizes

CAT 1, 1st 0.1, 2nd No Point 1 Back

CAT 2, 1st 0.3, 2nd No Point 2 Back

CAT 3, 1st 0.5, 2nd No Point 3 Back

CAT 4, 1st 0.7, 2nd No Point 4 Back

Front 9,Back 9, All Categories Cut 0.1

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